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Happy Father's Day by TheMagicofFriendship Happy Father's Day by TheMagicofFriendship
As I did for Mother's Day, I have taken it upon myself to create a digital piece of artwork in order to celebrate Father's Day. And, of course, since the Mother's Day picture had to do with Ortensia, it was inevitable that my Father's Day drawing would feature Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. :)
Now, although it's quite clear that Ortensia is a wonderful mommy, I'm sure that there are some people out there that find Oswald's ability to serve as a good father questionable, at best. The title of the very first ever Oswald short, Poor Papa, seems to suggest two things- that Oswald is unfortunate to be a father, and that he makes a poor dad, as well. Also, at the beginning of Trolley Troubles, he was shown to have squirted oil into the face of what appeared to be a miniature version of him, presumably one of his kids, and was also shown to be quite upset when another bunny child- or the same one- pulled back the trolley to prevent it from going. These things all seem to suggest that Oswald as of the late 1920s had somewhat of an aversion to his own children. Also, I'm not sure about you guys, but I'm not entirely convinced that someone with a fondness for cigars would make a good father.
But let's not jump to conclusions here. Yes, Oswald was pretty clearly not designed to be child-friendly by any definition in his original shorts, but what's to say that he's still like that now, or that he can't be a very affectionate and compassionate father in his own right? The way the modern day version of Oswald strikes me, he seems to very much adore his bunny kids. Even if he bowled them over with his own head and used them as a ladder in the Tales of Wasteland digi-comic There's A Hole in the Sky, I still think that he loves them very much... and besides, the Tales of Wasteland comics were mostly intended to be silly and nonsensical, at least in my eyes, although they do arguably have some good morals as well. Not to mention, in Epic Mickey, Oswald is shown to get quite upset at Mickey for jailing his children if you decide to talk to him right after doing so, which goes to show that he deeply cares about them. And yes, even with his orneriness, he does have many great qualities that are the components of an ideal father- he's funny and cheerful, but at the same time, he also knows how to take things seriously when he feels that he needs to, and most importantly of all, he's got a heart of gold.
...So, with that all said, I think that it's safe to assume that Oswald is just as good a father as Ortensia is a mother. (Also, on a separate note, I, personally, feel that the blue bunnies of the Epic Mickey canon are intended to be separate entities altogether from the bunny kids that Oswald abused in some of his early shorts, even if they served as a basis for the little blue babies.)
But on with the deviation itself. The technique used here is the same as with the Mother's Day image, only featuring Oswald instead of Ortensia, of course, and with the color blue being the main theme here as opposed to pink. Also, the background, like the line art and coloring for the characters, was also done up with GIMP 2.8's Chalk 03 brush. No text was typed in a corner, either- instead, the little "Happy Father's Day" message is written on the giant piece of paper that the four little bunny children you see are presenting to their daddy. As for the bunnies themselves, each of them are a slightly different shade of blue to distinguish themselves from each other. That way, they won't all look exactly the same, and each one of them is slightly different from the other. After all, I don't think that all of the bunny kids are exact clones of each other, and even if they seem this way in official works depicting them, I think that's only so because it's less work for the artists.
That's all for now. I hope you like the picture, and I also hope that you and your dads have a great Father's Day! :D
(P.S.: On a side note, I actually printed this picture out and gave it to my father as a gift. I can assure you that he quite liked it. :))

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the Bunny Kids belong to Disney.
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June 16, 2013
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