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Thanksgiving in Wasteland by TheMagicofFriendship Thanksgiving in Wasteland by TheMagicofFriendship
Okay, now, before I go off to actually celebrate the holiday and stuff myself with turkey, cranberries, pie, and stuffing, I may as well get this drawing I did uploaded. This right here was drawn to celebrate Thanksgiving, the time when we all recall the generosity in the Native Americans sharing their food with the Pilgrims and how they thanked them for it (before the Pilgrims forgot about that and decided to "clear them out", anyway) by having an enormous feast of all different kinds of foods- especially turkey. I felt that it would be cute to draw a small little scene of some of the residents of Wasteland having their own little Thanksgiving dinner, so I did this. Although it isn't exactly heavy on detail, I still think it's fairly obvious what they're celebrating here.
Of course, I'm always trying out new poses, expressions, and the like, but this time, I really wanted to try to convey a chain reaction in the facial expressions of the characters. Right here, as you can see, Oswald is eating a turkey leg (or the leg of some other kind of bird), and Animatronic Donald looks a bit... erm... worried, I believe. Maybe even a bit shocked. I'm not entirely sure. Maybe he's freaking out a little at seeing Oswald enthusiastically chomping on some turkey? Or perhaps the Lucky Rabbit offered him a leg, but he refused it as not to look like a cannibal? Who knows... (And yes, Oswald has eaten meaty things before- namely in his original shorts from the late 20s. For instance, in Sky Scrappers, there's a part where he's clearly eating a hot dog; hot dogs are made of meat, not plants. Whether it was actually a real hot dog or only a tofu dog is beyond me. Also, in Tall Timber, there's a segment where Oswald goes duck hunting. Again, I'm not sure if he was going to eat them after or if he was only hunting for the sport of it, but then again, he could very well be an omnivore, contrary to the entirely herbivorous diets of real rabbits. After all, he is an anthromorphized cartoon rabbit, and I believe that the short Hungry Hobos is supposed to involve him trying to turn the animals around him into food from what I've read, so it seems most likely that he can eat meat just fine.) And as for Ortensia? She just can't help but giggle at their silliness. I'm not sure about you, but I can't help but be amused at the whole chain reaction of their expressions. Really, though, if you just look at them for awhile, you just might find yourself giggling a bit...
A few mishaps here and there, and, being as this is only the second time I've drawn Donald (or, more specifically, Animatronic Donald), he looks a bit off, but I still like how this came out. I hope you do, too. :)

Ortensia, Donald Duck, and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit all belong to Disney.
The idea of Animatronic Donald belongs to both Disney and Junction Point.
I am not affiliated with any of these companies.
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November 22, 2012
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